Content of the video

Materials Studio is a software where you can model any material (or molecule) you like. No .cif file or no atom coordinates is required to model a new material. Think of it, you want to work on new material, to check whether it can be synthesized or not - no one has done this before. So, there is no question of finding the .cif file or lattice parameters. Then how will you build the material?

Here comes Materials Studio. In this video, I’ve guided you through how you can easily model a 2D material (I have used Graphene here) using Materials Studio. Modeling a 1D material is also similar, and a very simple change is necessary for that. I have also explained the simple change to get a 1D material. But, as the most used and applicable material is 2D nanosheet, I have discussed here how to model it.

What will you gain?

You can try other 1D and 2D materials with the help of this tutorial. If you get stuck, feel free to contact me.